Precision stage, Precise positioning, Precise force control


MTPA1000XY is a manual precision stage that allow you to do positioning easily at nanometer level. It has a 13 mm translation range, which adjustment is done with micrometer. The stage is preconfigured with the Piezo Assist, allows a 60μm translation range with resolution at 20 nm. The translation stage is compact in size.

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・Easy adjustment at resolution  of 20nm for 2 axis

・Translation range with Piezo Assist is 60μm at 2 axis

・Translation range with micrometer is 13mm at 2 axis

・Simple setup and compact in size

・Low cost


Fig. 1. Positioning resolution of MTPA1000XY


Application examples:

1. Optical alignment / 2. Cell manipulation


Setup example:




Product code MTPA1000XY
Table size 70mm×70mm
Guide mechanism Gothic-Arch
Material Stainless
Coarse adjustment with micrometer 13mm
Fine adjustment with Piezo Assist 60μm
Coarse adjustment method Micrometer
Fine adjustment method Piezoelectric actuator 
Adjustment resolution 20nm
Straightness ≦1μm/13mm
Minimum readout of micrometer 10μm/div
Moment load stiffness 0.1 arcsec/N・cm
Load capacity (horizontal) 117.6N(12kgf)
Environment Temperature:0~85℃ Humidity:Below 40%




①Piezo Assist Precision Stage ×1
②Control box ×1
③Cable ×2
④AC adapter for control box ×1




1. This device produces high voltage and should be used by qualified personnel. 

2. Do not break up the Piezo Assist Precision Stage or the control box.

3. Do not drop or applied any external force towards the Piezo Assist Precision Stage
 or the control box.



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