MechaTransR is an application name of our piezoelectric actuators, based upon the piezoelectric technology which has been developed and
commercialized for the impact dot printers for the first time in the world in 1980's when I worked for NEC. Although the application to printers has afterwards been replaced to the other methods such as ink jet or bubble jet technology, Prof. T. Higuchi of the University of Tokyo has predicted the promise of this actuator and recommended me to expand applications of the piezoelectric technology to the other industrial fields.
In 2002, a small company has been founded in Tokyo, Japan to develop new applications of piezoelectric actuators with high speed and large displacement. Then, the company name has changed from Denshi-Seiki to Mechano Transformer Corporation since 2005 and also the company location has changed from Tokyo to Kawasaki where is at the suburbs of Tokyo.
Mechano Transformer Corporation has been developing more than 60 different types of piezoelectric actuators and 30 different types of the drive circuits, and those are being used by many customers.

Dr. Takeshi Yano
Board member


About Mechano Transformer Corporation

Company Name: Mechano Transformer Corporation
President: Chee Sze Keat
Paid-in capital: 10 million Japanese Yen
Head Office: Mikasa First Building 3F, 1-10-10, Kaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0044, Japan
History: ・The establishment of Denshi Seiki Co. Ltd. at Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo in May, 2002.
・The relocation to our current address at KBIC, the replacement of the company name to Mechano Transformer Corp. and the acceptance of the Kawasaki Entrepreneur Award for Excellence in May, 2005.
・The approval to obtain the SME Support Growth Grant by the Organization for SME and Regional Innovation, Japan in May 2006.

Business Contents

  1. Design and manufacturing of MechaTransR which can expand or reduce mechanically the displacement produced by the piezoelectric device.
  2. Technical transfer and consultancy of the piezoelectric device technologies for mass production companies.
  3. Development, design, manufacturing, and technical services of other actuator applications and new filtering technologies.

Business Contents

Mechano Transformer Corporation

Mikasa First Building 3F
1-10-10, Kaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
101-0044 Japan
TEL: 03-5297-6088 FAX: 03-5297-6089


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